Here’s Why Candy Crush Is So Addictive

3.) There is Always More

According to recent studies, the central team behind Candy Crush keeps updating the game all the time and it is constantly conceiving new levels about every two weeks. Right at this current state of time, there are now 544 levels to choose from. It was only three years ago that the popular game only held 30 levels. This is just incredible. And nowadays in the world of Candy Crush, it has more than likely broken the record how much content one mobile game could and would contain. In addition to this, on any particular level you might be playing on, there is actually no real way of not succeeding. If you happen to run out of choices on one given board, and if that has a tendency to happen every now and again, then the board instantly resets itself.  You can never, ever get stuck on a board. There is literally no way to lose. It is believed that this is just a fraction of the reinforcing pattern which allows you to keep playing. The game only ends when you have seriously been drained of your selected number of moves and the only way to put an end to said frustration is to buy your way out.

2.)  We’re All Suckers for Sweet Talk

Candy Crush has a friendly tendency to play therapist with its players. If you happen to flick four candies all in a row, they will all zap away into eternity, or wherever they go. Candies that were sitting up above then start to topple downwards, creating even more matches. At the end of the level, there are words that pop up on your screen, which are joined by a voice that shouts, “Sweet” or “Delicious.” This feedback is crucial for player captivation. Positive rewards are the sole reason why people become addicted to things in the first place. As you play the game more and more, you begin to feel better about yourself, almost like a champion.

1.) The Game Forces You to Wait

The most brilliant aspect of Candy Crush probably would be its ability to force you too long for its awesomeness. You only have five chances or lives to line up the essential amount of candy icons. As soon as you run out of chances, you are forced to wait there in 30-minute intervals in order to play any more of the game. Or, if you just don’t have the patience for it, you have the option of paying to get back into the game. This is why business is booming and it’s also why it’s bringing in so much traction. Honestly, you can’t just play all the time. You’d run out of lives. With that being said, there exists the fact that they sort of restraint you by using the good old saying, ‘You always want what you can’t have.’ You can’t have more lives and you want them now! This business move makes the game more fun to play in the long run.

Watch the video below for some tips and tricks for playing Candy Crush!

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