Candy Crush Dreamworld Cheats and Tips

Dreamworld levels are very similar to normal Candy Crush Saga levels, except they are slightly more difficult, and you also have to try not to disturb Odus the Owl.

You will see two colors of candy on Odus’s perch. If you make too many of one kind of color candy match, you will tip him off his perch, so you have to balance your game play out by making matches of the other color candy on the opposite side of his perch.

Matching colors of candy that are not on Odus’s perch will not affect him, however, if you get a chain reaction or a cascade of candy, the candies matched still count towards the balance. Each level has a particular number of colors of candy you can match before you disturb Odus.



Dreamworld introduces a totally new method of game play to Candy Crush Saga, and you may struggle to get to grips with it at first. Here are some tips and hints specifically for the Dreamworld levels to help you get familiar with Odus the Owl

Be prepared to sacrifice a few moves on every Dreamworld level to keep Odus the Owl balanced on the Moon Meter. Making matches up the top of the board is the safest strategy when you’re moving Odus back into the center of his perch, as less candy will drop on to the screen, and it is unlikely that you will cause a chain reaction with the opposite color candy.

If you get a colored bomb then do not match it with one of the colors of candies on the moon or else it will be bound to unbalance and you will lose the game. Also be careful with other special candies and check what colors they will remove before activating them.

The Moon Meter turns yellow as you are approaching Moonstruck mode. Odus will not tip off his perch on the very last move before Moonstruck, so try to use that move to set off a color bomb, as this will reduce the colors of candy on the board even further.

Moonstruck mode removes the candies of the two colors that were on the moon. You will not have to keep Odus the Owl balanced during your Moonstruck moves. Know how many Moonstruck moves you will get (we have this listed on our level by level guide to Dreamworld) and take this chance to make special candy and combos without having to worry about the consequences.

It is more difficult to keep Odus balanced immediately after Moonstruck Mode, as there are likely to be clusters of the same-colored candy on the board. Provided there are an equal amount of the balancing candy colors on the board, alternate between making matches of each color, and calculate how many of each color a striped candy will take out before detonating it.




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    Ever since connecting my Facebook to candy crush, the dreamworld does not have an extra five lives. Reality and dreamworld are sharing five lives total – is this normal?