Candy Crush Level 100 Cheats and Tips


There’s a lot of luck involved in this level. When the candy falls from the top, you could end up with the whole empty grid full with candy, or you could end up with no matches at all. It could take a few tries to clear the level, but keep at it – at some point you’re going to get a starting position that works in your favor, and you’ll be able to make the matches you need.

Vertical breaks through the top of the meringues above the jelly will lead to a vertical cascade of candy going down into the empty spaces. Breaks in the side will lead to a jagged cascade. Make your first priority diffusing the bomb, and looking for big combos, and your second priority clearing the jelly. No point having an almost clear board if you’re going to end up setting the bomb off anyway.

The best strategy is to break into the jelly grid any way you can, then use wrapped candy and any combos to take out the jelly

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• First you need to break into the jelly board any way possible.
• Try making vertical stripped candies or wrapped candies to help.
• Clear out the candy bomb as fast as you can.
• That will be your first priority you break into the jelly.
• Don’t waste moves and think before you move.


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