Candy Crush Level 101 Cheats and Tips

There’s a lot of bombs that drop onto the screen initially, but a lot will be the same colour. Remember you can match, for example, two red bombs with one red jelly bean candy and they will be diffused.

Once you’ve got the initial threat of the bombs out of the way, they don’t regenerate so quickly, and you can concentrate on bringing your ingredients down. The meringues are easy enough to break through to get an exit, but as you have a lot of ingredients to gather, try to clear the lot out with a horizontal striped candy. Then bring down the ingredients as quickly as you can to get through this level.

• In this level you need to bring all the ingredients down to the bottom.
• First clear the bombs that fall down.
• Remember you can match the same color bomb with a bomb and a candy.
• That will help you eliminate them faster.
• After you clear bombs, clear the meringues.
• This will give you a clear path for the ingredients.
• Then bring down all the ingredients before all the moves are gone.


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