Candy Crush Level 102 Cheats and Tips


Everything is happening this level. Chocolate, timed candy bombs and licorice blocks – and you have four ingredients to get off the screen. The trick is to make vertical striped candy up the top of the board to penetrate holes in the chocolate below as and when it’s required – striped + wrapped candy in particular are a quick way to get through this level.

Note that chocolate will eat a bomb quicker than any other candy, so if you happen to drop one down to the bottom level it should get gobbled up before you have to worry about it. Colour bombs won’t be at all effective until you have some candy in the bottom bank – if you happen to make a colour bomb hold on to it until you have candy down below, and you can use it to break through some more chocolate.

• In this level you need to bring down all the ingredients.
• Go for the bombs first because they are limited in moves you can make.
• Then start to clear the licorice and chocolate.
• Use vertical stripped candies underneath the ingredients to make them fall to the bottom.
• Control the chocolate and make sure it doesn’t get out of control.


Candy Crush level 102 is one of the hardest levels in the game. 20% of people stop playing candy crush because of level 102. To beat this level, you must bring down 2 cherries and 2 hazelnuts. This level is hard because of the blockers its features. Level 102 has Chocolates, Licorice swirls, and Candy bomb with a start of 5 moves limit. The hard part about this level is balancing the chocolates and the bombs. Since the bombs only have 5 moves on them, you have to make sure to get them out of the way first.

The other hard part about level 102 is that the licorice swirls will stop any vertical striped candy you try and crush. This means you will have to clear all the licorice swirls before you can start bringing down any ingredients. The best way to do it, is so start at the bottom and search for any combos around the licorice swirls to try and get these crushed first. Then, you can concentrate on clearing all the chocolates so you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Remember, that you should also be keeping an eye on the bombs. You should destroy these first as soon as possible because if one of these goes off, you’re done.

After you have clear both these blockers you can then work on bringing the ingredients down to the bottom. While still keep an eye on the color bombs, try and create vertical striped candies and align them with the ingredients. You can have them be on top or bottom of the ingredient, it doesn’t matter. When you crush the vertical aligned candy it will bring the ingredient all the way down in one swoop move. You can do this will all the ingredients but remember to watch the bombs at the same time. For an example of how to beat level 102, check out the video below.


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