Candy Crush Level 103 Cheats and Tips

Level 103 is like a vortex, even the simplest move can set off a cascade of candy. The problem is it never seems to clear the jelly you need it to clear!

Start by making moves to try and crush the chocolate. If you work down the bottom center of the board, the 7-move candy bomb will diffuse itself 50% of the time before it even reaches the play area – and if it hasn’t, at least you have it out in the open where you can deal with it better.

After getting rid of the chocolate, continue to work on the center bottom of the board, unless you see any big matches up the top. Set off any striped combos whenever you feel like it, it will often affect the top of the board even if it isn’t immediately obvious what’s going to happen, because of the cascade of candies.

As your moves start to run low, focus on any patches of jelly you’ve not managed to reach. You may not get this level first try, but it shouldn’t take too long before you’re on to the next level

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• Clear the chocolate before it starts to take over the whole board.
• Watch for the bombs because you have limited moves to destroy them.
• Make combo candies to help you clear the jelly.
• Don’t waste your moves.


To complete Candy Crush level 103 you have to clear the 41 squares of jelly and score over 100,000 points to win. There is a main board area covered with a double layer of jelly but also a column on the left with a bomb in that has just seven moves to clear. This has a portal at the bottom, leading to the main board. To make level 103 even more of a challenge there is also some chocolate on the right hand side of the board.

You will need to work to clear the bomb first. Do this by matching candies in the far left hand side of the main board and it will eventually fall through the portal and hopefully you will be able to destroy it before your seven moves are up. Then it is wise to concentrate on the chocolate as once it is all destroyed it will not return. Then the jellies need to be destroyed. The corners are the hardest, so concentrate on those, but start at the bottom of the board because the candies will move down and destroy jellies higher up.

Special candies that will help you on level 103 are wrapped sweets, as they clear large areas of jelly, stripes for the same reason and colour bombs. A stripe and wrapped combination will clear more and a colour bomb with striped or wrapped will also clear more squares. Two wrapped sweets and two stripes can also be useful if activated together as long as they are placed in a good position. The tricky corners are probably best tackled with a well-placed stripe and main areas of the board with a wrapped candy. A fish booster could be helpful as could a well-timed lollipop hammer. The sweet teeth can be useful to eat chocolate if it gets out of control.



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