Candy Crush Level 104 Cheats and Tips


Get rid of the bombs at the bottom of the screen on this level before starting your strategy properly, here. It’s another one where you’re constantly hit by bombs – once you’ve worked out how you’re going to clear the bomb, make some moves to clear jelly on the other side of the screen and leave it as late as possible to diffuse them. Be careful not to rearrange the candy trap you have set for the bomb, but don’t clear them immediately – if you do, another will just respawn to take its place.

Remember once your moves are lower than the amount of moves left on the bombs, you can focus exclusively on the jelly. You’ll need a lot of stripes to get through this level, but given the amount of candy in play, that won’t be so hard.

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• Clear the bombs at the bottom of the screen first then start clearing meringues.
• More bombs will just keep coming so you need to find a move to destroy it but not to use it till the absolute last moment.
• Use stripped candies to help you clear through jelly.
• Don’t waste your moves.
• Think carefully before making a move.


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