Candy Crush Level 105 Cheats and Tips

Free the bomb in the center first, and diffuse it. You should have almost crushed your way through all the jelly in the center once you’re done with that, so focus on the individual banks of jelly on the sides.

The 8-move bombs give you enough time to pay individual attention to each jelly block, and if you diffuse the bombs whilst they are over the jelly, that counts as a ‘hit’ too. Making a wrapped candy will easily destroy the jelly areas, although simple stripes in the right places can also help for this level. they key is not to let the bombs worry you too much.

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• First clear the bomb in the center.
• This way you can focus just on clearing jelly after.
• After you clear the center start working on clearing the other corner jellies.
• Make wrapped and stripped candies to help clear jelly and bombs.
• Don’t waste moves.


To complete Candy Crush Saga Level 105, you need to score 145,000 and clear the jelly.

There are five sections of double jelly, one in each corner and one in the center. Right in the center there is a 9 move bomb which is trapped in licorice. There are also bombs that fall from the top randomly as well and these also have 9 moves before they explode.

You need to start level 105 by concentrating on removing the center bomb. Once this has been achieved, then you need to concentrate on the jelly. It is best to start in the bottom corners as hopefully once this is clear some of the top areas will be removed. During this process you need to always keep a look out for bombs falling down. As you get so few moves to remove the bombs, you should try to remove these before going back to removing jelly.

There are a lot of special candies that could help with this level. Striped candies, especially vertical on the far left or right columns or horizontal on the top or bottom are good. Wrapped candies in the areas of jelly are good at removing multiple pieces. A striped and wrapped combination could be great especially if it starts in a corner. Colour bombs are useful to hold on to in case you need to use it to remove a bomb, but also in combination with a striped candy, wrapped candy or other bomb can be very helpful too.

Useful boosters to use in level 105 are the jelly fish and extra moves. Wrapped and striped and colour bombs could also be useful. During game play the bomb cooler, and possibly sweet tooth could be handy. The lollipop hammer and free switch may also prove useful in later stages.



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