Candy Crush Level 108 Cheats and Tips


A timed level with a real twist – you’ll be getting candy time bombs coming down throughout the game, which will increase your score greatly if you can diffuse them (each bomb if worth 3,000 points), but they can also stop your timed level if they explode!

The trick is, if you have a candy bomb that’s down to 1 move and you cannot diffuse it, but you’ve already reached the required score, just let the clock run out without making any more moves. The bomb won’t get set off, and you’ll get through the level!

Still stuck? Look at our general Tips and Hints page for cheats and tricks to get you through Level 108 on Candy Crush on Candy Crush and unlock the next stage.

• This is a timed level.
• You need to score 14,000 points in 120 seconds.
• In this level you have licorice boxes and timed candy bombs falling down.
• The candy bombs if diffused before time runs out will give you 3,000 points per one.
• The trick is just don’t let them explode.
• Make special candies combos to also help you diffuse bombs but also to rack up major points.


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