Candy Crush Level 109 Cheats and Tips


Set in the Salty Canyon, level 109 is about as annoying as they come. Your mission (and you’ve already chosen to accept it) is to remove all the jelly, stop the bombs from detonating and get 40,000 points. And by the way, you only have 35 moves to do it in. The huge problem is that the jelly is isolated from the rest of the board.

Those two tricky time bombs out on their own aren’t doing you any favors this level. Your first task is to make a horizontal striped candy to take the lil pests out before your level gets ruined. Yes, I know it’s difficult, and it sucks, and it isn’t fair. Since when has Candy Crush Saga ever been fair?

Do not focus on the jelly in the middle at all, just focus on getting the combos you need to reach that far out jelly. If you end up with two of the same colour under the jelly, then a colour bomb will sort it out, otherwise you’re going to need striped candy. Remember that matching a striped and a wrapped candy in the right place, if you can’t get your striped candy in the right place.

A frustrating level, on the whole, but doable with luck. So, good luck. You’re gonna need it.

• In this level you need to clear all the jellies.
• First thing you should do is get rid of the candy bombs in the far left and far right corner.
• You can destroy them by making a horizontal stripped candy.
• Don’t focus on the jelly in the middle of the board.
• Focus about the one on the sides.
• Make combo candies to destroy them, and then take out the rest of the board.


Candy Crush level 109 is a very difficult level. This level is located in the Salty Canyon episode. To beat this level you must score 40,000 points and clear only 9 jelly squares. The thing that makes this level so hard is the possible of the jelly and the blockers. You have two bombs on the bottom left and right hand side of the board and the square is off the board so you can reach it by a normal combo. You must use special candies to get to these jelly squares. You also have two locked candies in the upper left and right hand side of the board…also off the board and hard to get to.

Your first priority on level 109 is getting those bombs cleared. You only have 9 moves to do this, so you should start this level off trying to clear those. The best way to do this is to get the meringues out of the way so you can build special candies. A horizontally striped candy will be the best bet in clearing these bombs. Once you clear the bombs, you can start going for the locked candies in the upper left and right hand side. You will probably have to play this level a bunch of times til you can get the right move to clear the bombs before they explode… but once you do this, the level really isn’t too difficult. A great combo to get on this level is the striped candy/color bomb combo. This will clear most of the board of the jelly squares and can really beat the level in that one single move. To see how to beat level 109, check out the video walk-through below.


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