Candy Crush Level 110 Cheats and Tips


As well as dealing with 5-move bombs, you’ve got a high score to reach before you get past this level. Just. Detonate. The. Bombs. Immediately. If you don’t get them, they’re gonna get you! Each bomb is also worth 3,000 points, which will help you reach the target.

The bombs appear the move after you detonate the last bomb, so anticipate where it’s going to come down. If you have a vertical striped candy ready to detonate, try to bring the bomb down into the same column, then you can take care of it easily. Save colour bombs as a back-up plan, in case you get a tricky bomb you can’t quite diffuse in time, and remember that once you have less than 5 moves left, you won’t need to worry about detonating the final bombs, unless you need the score.

• In this level you need to score 100,000 points before the moves run out.
• First clear all the bombs as they come down.
• They will give you 3,000 points but then you will also be able to still play.
• Make vertical stripped candies to make candy bombs fall down.
• Don’t waste your moves.


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