Candy Crush Level 112 Cheats and Tips

Four ingredients to bring down through two rows of meringues – if you have matches down in the lower half of the board that will remove meringues or partially destroy them, use those first. Then work to create power ups to destroy the remaining meringues to allow the ingredients to drop.

As the board opens up you will start making colour bombs and special candy, try to hold onto these until you can combine them and set off a huge chain reaction, or until you can see that one type of candy is mainly blocking the path of ingredients.

• In this level you need to bring down all the ingredients.
• You have to bring the ingredients down through three rows of double meringues.
• Start at the bottom this will clear meringues down there but also at the top when you make moves.
• Try to create combos to open up a pathway for the first few ingredients while you continue to clear the board.
• Don’t waste your moves.



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