Candy Crush Level 115 Cheats and Tips


Start by crushing the candies on the edges to break through the meringues and remove the licorice blocks to allow the empty jelly area to fill up with candy. You’ll be restricted with the moves you can make, so this is easier said than done – it may take a few tries until you get a candy arrangement that works in your favor.

As the board begins to fill out with candy, you’ll have more room to make special candies – focus on working the middle area as much as you can once you’ve broken through!

Save you colour-bombs until you can combine them with a special candy, or until a large amount of one candy is stuck in the jelly. Setting them off too early won’t be very effective on this level. Wrapped candies in the centre blocks, however, work like a charm.

• First start off by clearing the double meringues.
• This will get you next to the licorice swirls.
• Make easy matches to clear them then start destroying jelly.
• Make combo candies to help clear all the jelly.
• Don’t waste moves.


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