Candy Crush Level 117 Cheats and Tips

The chocolate won’t start to spread on this level until you crush down into the meringue, but the ingredients won’t go anywhere either until you’re down there! If you find yourself with an ingredient on top of a meringue block, you’ll probably be swapping the ingredient upwards to make matches a lot and get through the block. Look at our ingredient swapping guide on the tips page, or – for quick reference – you’re looking for the pattern

Then you just move the ingredient upwards to make a match over the meringue. If you’re a ‘re-starter’ you can keep refreshing this level until you get a starting point with a candy match right over the meringues. Remember the restart trick doesn’t work in Facebook unless you’re using the multiple open browser window trick. It gives you a head start on breaking the meringues and clearing the path for the ingredients. They’re two-hit meringues, and of course, once you’ve cleared them, the chocolate is going to start to spread,

Once you’ve cleared some blocks of meringues you have a path to free the ingredients, try to control the chocolate spread to the outermost columns. If you make any colour bombs, try to save them until you have candy in the bottom half of the screen where the chocolate was, and set them off to help clear up the chocolate.

It’s another level where chocolate can be your friend, if you’re having problems getting it under control, let it eat up the candy on the outside blocks But as soon as ingredients appear, move them over to the middle columns (again, see our ingredient swapping guide) and, as always, keep trying to make vertical bombs in those columns to get the ingredients down.


• In this level you need to bring all the ingredients down to the bottom.
• Start by clearing the chocolate and meringues.
• This will help control the chocolate from multiplying and give you a clear path for ingredients.
• Get all the ingredients in the bottom three rows.
• Make vertical stripped candies to have ingredients fall right down to the bottom.
• Don’t waste your moves.

In Candy Crush Saga level 117 you need to bring down the ingredients and score 35,000 points to complete the level.

You only have to get three ingredients down to the bottom in 40 moves. However the path is blocked by double-layered meringue and chocolate.

One thing that you really need to be careful of is if your ingredient falls down in a column that does not line up with the columns on the board that it can exit from. It is very difficult to move an ingredient across and so be careful when you make moves. The ingredients fall down when you have 20 and 10 moves remaining. Therefore when it is time for those moves, make sure that you do a move in the middle columns so it drops down there. The first ingredient is already on the board do you have to hope that it is already in a good position.

During game play on level 117, you will be best to start by removing the blockers and then fighting back the chocolate. As you do this, the ingredients will drop down automatically anyway. Once they have a clear path, you can use a vertical striped candy to get them to the bottom. This means that you should be looking for opportunities to make these throughout the game. Making color bombs and wrapped candies can also help you to achieve your goal. A color bomb and striped combination is probably one of the best ways to remove chocolate and blockers and get the ingredients down, as is a striped and wrapped combination.

On level 117 you may find that a few boosters could help. The sweet tooth may help you to control chocolate and using some extra moves form friends could be useful as well.


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