Candy Crush Level 118 Cheats and Tips


Once you’ve broken into the middle column, forget about the chocolate – just work exclusively on the middle column, getting rid of the jelly whenever you can. The licorice blocks will be destroyed as you go along if you use this strategy, and the only time you need to worry about the chocolate is when it threatens to go over from one side to the other.

Remember licorice blocks stop the chocolate’s progress, and the chocolate spawn is likely to be more aggressive on one side of the board than the other on this level. Because of the narrow playing field, you should get opportunities for striped candy and colour bombs, which you can use to finish off the remaining jelly pieces.

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• Start by clearing the 3 middle columns.
• Clear the licorice and meringues and work on clearing the jelly.
• Distract yourself from clearing chocolates unless it starts taking over middle columns.
• Clear the jelly fast with stripped and wrapped candies.
• This will also help you clear chocolates.
• Don’t waste our moves and just focus on clearing jelly.


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