Candy Crush Level 123 Cheats and Tips

Do as much work as you can in the middle of the board initially, to keep the chocolate contained. Save any special candy for the time being, as it will come in a lot more useful towards the end of the game. Make matches down the bottom with the candy contained in the meringues if you can, and keep looking to make special candy.

The licorice swirl blockers can be a pain when they stop you making the combos you need, but they can also keep the chocolate spawn under control. The key to this level is making big combos at the bottom whilst keeping the chocolate contained up the top.

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• Start off by seeing if you can make a match near the bottom level of meringues.
• If not start by clearing the top layer and working your way down.
• Make sure you contain the chocolate every so often so it doesn’t take control over the whole board.
• Make combo candies but save them for the jelly after you clear through the meringues.
• Don’t waste your moves.


On Candy crush level 123, you have to clear 36 jellies and reach 80,000 points to win. The jellies are all at the bottom of the board and some have licorice swirls over them and some have double layered meringues on top of them. With only 35 moves, you have to play carefully to win.

Start by matching any candies in the bottom middle section surrounded by the meringues. Then work on breaking through the top level of meringue layers. Once you break through it is easier to clear the jellies, but the chocolate can also start to grow, which can get in your way. Try not to let it distract you, as the aim is to clear the jelly and not the chocolate, but of course if it is in your way, you will need to clear it.

Useful special candies in level 123 include wrapped sweets as they can destroy lots of jelly and candy. Stripes can also be useful, especially if you get a horizontal one near the bottom of the board. A well placed wrapped and stripe combination can be most useful at the bottom of the board. Colour bombs can help too,

The fish booster is useful here and a lollipop hammer can be used if you have just one jelly left and not enough moves to remove it. Level 123 does have an element of luck as you especially at the end of the game to remove the last jelly or when combined with striped or wrapped sweets can be more useful at removing a higher quantity of jellies. You will need the opportunity to make special candies but it should still not take that long to solve.



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