Candy Crush Level 125 Cheats and Tips


Start by crushing the candies on the edges and the bottom to break through the meringues and remove the licorice blocks. As the board begins to fill out with candy, you’ll have more room to make striped and wrapped candies – try to combine striped and wrapped as often as you can to get to the hard-to-reach jelly.

Save you colour-bombs until you can combine them with a special candy, or until a large amount of one candy is stuck in the jelly. Setting them off too early won’t be very effective on this level.

On a personal note, I found this level as tough as nails to crack – it was harder than level 65 for me. Just always remember to see if you can move the licorice blocks around the board to make matches after every move, if you forget to do that, you’ll probably not get very far on this level.

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• You need to clear the licorice first.
• Start by clearing the edges of the board so candies won’t get stuck in them.
• After you start clearing you will be able to make more stripped and wrapped candies.
• This will help you destroy meringues, licorice, and jelly.
• You have plenty of moves to clear the whole board if you make combos.
• Plan your moves out.


Candy Crush level 125 is located in the Peppermint Palace episode of Candy Crush Saga. This level contains Licorice swirls and Two-layer meringue blockers and is quite difficult. To beat the level you must clear 34 jelly squares and score at least 80,000 points. This is the last level of the episode so when you beat this level you will advance to the next episode. Many people give up on this level but we are here to put a end to that.

To beat level 125, you must be good at making special combinations. Since you only have 55 moves to clear a lot of stuff, making 3 candy combinations isn’t going to do much good for you. The first thing you should do is clear as many meringue and licorice swirls possible. The licorice swirls are a pain because they aren’t affected by special candy so using special candies before clearing the licorice swirls isn’t going to do much good. Now most of the time I always try and play from the bottom… and on this one I first focus on clearing the meringue and the licorice. Once I have done that, THEN I will start playing from the bottom and looking for special candy combinations like the stripped/wrapped candy combo or the color bomb/stripped candy combinations. These two combinations can really help you on level 125. By this point in the game of Candy Crush Saga, you should be getting pretty good at making combinations and special candy combinations. If you are not, you should check out our guide on How To Play Candy Crush. Alternatively, you can watch the video below on how to beat level 125.


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