Candy Crush Level 130 Cheats and Tips


Making striped candies is easy by now. Making striped candies and not detonating them until they’re matched with another striped candy, not so easy, especially given the limited number of candy varieties in play on this level of the game. You’re just as likely to accidentally make colour bombs and wrapped candy as you are striped candy! So the trick is, if ever you see a match 5 pattern, turn it into a match 3 before it becomes a colour bomb – and move any wrapped candy patterns so they make a striped candy instead.

If you have no striped on the screen, by all means, make a colour bomb and take out a colour, it will give you more chances to make striped candy. Otherwise, you’re just going to detonate the striped candy you’ve so desperately been trying to match. Remember, you can move striped candy around the screen the same way you move ingredients, provided you don’t match them with the same colour. A little taxing, but it’s good practice for what lies ahead.

• In this order level you need to pair five matches of stripped candies together.
• The easy part is we know how to make stripped candies.
• The hard part is getting them next to each other.
• Save your stripped candies even if they are not close to each other.
• You can make moves to bring them closer and possibly filling an order.
• Take your time.


Candy Crush level 130 involves collecting the right amount of orders and 20,000 points to win. The orders required are five lots of stripe and stripe combinations. Therefore you will need to make a lot of stripes in order to win.

Obviously, each move, you will need to look for chances to make striped candies. If there are not any, then work from the bottom as this will give more chances of stripes forming themselves when new candies come in. Avoid making wrapped sweets as they will not help you on level 130. However, a colour bomb can be handy because it will remove all candies of one colour, making it more likely that you can make other matches to form striped candies. Do not use a colour bomb to remove candies of a colour that you have made striped ones off though or else they will be wasted. If you see more than one opportunity to make a striped candy, then do the highest on the board first. Doing a lower one will move the candies above it and ruin your chances of getting it.

Not many boosters are useful in this level, although starting with a stripe and wrapped candy may help, but is not really worth it as it will only give you one out of the minimum ten striped candies that you will need to make in order to win. Extra moves could help, but only three extra, may not be significant enough.

The key with level 130 is patience. Do not play too quickly. Look carefully for chances to make striped candies and keep playing as there is an element of luck. It can be frustrating when stripes activate themselves and therefore are wasted but keep trying as eventually you will manage the level.


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