Candy Crush Level 131 Cheats and Tips


Take out the chocolate in the bottom right corner on your first move if you can, then focus on destroying the 10 move bomb in the bottom left. After that, it’s time to get stripes.

The banks of four aren’t interlocked, although striped bombs do affect each separate bank. This is one of those levels that requires a lot of patience, because you’ll never have an abundance of moves. Just take whatever matches are open to you and hope for the stripes – once you’ve got one, the rest do seem to follow on here.

• If you completed level 130 then you will be able to complete this order level no problem.
• In this order level you need to collect five stripped candies.
• Just stripped candies, you do not need to put two stripped candies together.
• There is a candy bomb in this level that you need to destroy first.
• Once it’s destroyed you don’t need to worry about it.
• This level is tricky because you won’t always have candy in each square.
• So use your moves wisely.
• Think before you move.


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