Candy Crush Level 132 Cheats and Tips


Crush down the meringue on either side as soon as you can to get your open board. Because there are only 4 types on candy in play, you’ll be making a lot of special candy – but making the combos you need to collect the orders will be more difficult because as soon as you’ve set up a special candy, you’re likely to detonate it!

Pre-empt the accidental explosions when you can and deliberately use up your striped candies until you’ve made a colour bomb. Also, making wrapped candy is more difficult than making striped candy, so go for the colour bomb and wrapped above the colour bomb and striped if you get a chance.

• In this order level you need to get a color bomb + a stripped candy and a color bomb + a wrapped candy.
• First clear the meringues.
• Without clearing that you will not be able to create hardly any moves.
• Start by making combo candies.
• Try to make color bombs and wrapped or stripped candies.
• Try to make them close by so their easy to get them next to each other.
• Start by making one order at a time.


Candy Crush level 132 is located in the Water Wharf episode of Candy Crush Saga. This is a order level where you must collect a few special candies. To beat this level you must combine 1 wrapped candy/color bomb combo and a striped candy/color bomb combo. You must also score at least 20,000 points to advance to the next level. When the level starts there are meringues that are holding up the candies at the top and half the board is unused. Its going to be very hard to get any of these special candies while the candy is at the top.

Your first priority in level 132 is to clear the meringue. While the meringue is there you will not be able to create any of the orders. Make sure that each move crushes a meringue. If you start out and have to moves that will crush a meringue, try the reshuffle trick until you have a board that has a few moves that crush meringues.

When you start crushing a few of the meringues the ingredients will fall to the bottom. This is when you need to start making your special candies. Since color bombs are the hardest and cannot be moved much, you should make these first. Look for sets of 2 candies of the same color with a open one in the middle and try to build of these.

The game will actually make a little easier to build these specials. Once you have a color bomb look for opportunities to make striped or wrapped candies above where the color bomb is and then work it down til its next to the color bomb and match them. Then is a great level to practice creating special candies because you have a lot of board to work with. For a video on how to beat level 132, check below.


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  • Sharlet Stone

    I crushed a wrapped candy and a striped still did not give me both what am I doing wrong help