Candy Crush Level 133 Cheats and Tips


There’s a snake of jelly that you can only reach by either making matches within the jelly, or using vertical striped candy. As always, think combos. The candy will cascade to either side of the snake as it goes down the middle column, which means it’s a little unpredictable what will end up where after you’ve crushed a candy – just work with whatever you’re given.

Dropping a horizontal candy on the bottom row will clear up a big chunk of jelly – always remember to look for new matches in the jelly snake after every move you make in there. Once you’ve got the lion’s share of the jelly out of the way, focus on making individual vertical striped candy, or striped and wrapped combos to clear up the rest.

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• The only way you can make matches is if it’s where the jelly is or stripped candies.
• As always make combo candies because it will help you clear almost anything.
• Try getting a horizontal stripped candy on the bottom row to knock out those jellies.
• Every time you make a match in the jelly re-look at all the pieces you have because the board might of changed a bit.
• Candy might be different in the jelly snake then before.
• Plan your moves out.


The aim of Candy Crush level 133 is to clear 133 jelly squares and score 45,000 points in 50 moves. In this game there are no blockers but it is the shape of the board that makes it tricky.

The jelly in level 133 is at the bottom of the board and is within a small curl at the bottom of each side. You need to work on clearing the very ends first if you can. Firstly clear any in this area and then any in the lower rows. Every match that you make will cause a lot of movement in the board so be sure that it is the best move before you do it. Once you have cleared all the jelly squares that you can, then move to the top of the board.

Vertical striped candies can be useful at clearing downwards if there are no matches in the lower part of the board. A striped and wrapped combination would clear more. A colour bomb could also be useful, especially in combination with a striped or wrapped candy. If you do have a colour bomb without another special candy, then use it to remove one of the candies at the end of the swirl, as these are by far harder than any others. Two wrapped or two striped candies could also clear a large area of jelly if placed correctly, but getting two together is difficult.

Level 133 can be helped with the fish booster and the lollipop hammer, if timed correctly. It will take time and patience though as you will need the right combinations at the right time in order to pass it. Extra moves may be helpful, but they may be wasted if the right candies do not appear.


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