Candy Crush Level 135 Cheats and Tips


A quick wrapped candy primer: Wrapped candy is made from L shapes and T shapes. The T shape is a little easier to get, because you’re less likely to destroy it whilst bringing the pieces into position. However, neither are particularly easy to get.

Spend about 3 moves bringing your wrapped candy setups into position for every 1 move you spend keeping the chocolate trimmed back. Once you’ve made 4 wrapped candy, you can let the chocolate spread and focus entirely on making your final wrapped candy. It’s an open board apart from the chocolate, so the only thing standing in the way of success on this level is your ability to spot wrapped candy setups. That’ll come in time. Like, if you waste your entire life playing Candy Crush Saga and then writing guides for websites…

• In this order level you need to collect five color bombs.
• Clear the chocolate at the bottom of the board first.
• Look for 5 match opportunities.
• This will create the color bomb and collect it for the order you must use it.
• Try clearing out one color of candy to make it easier to get 5 of the same color in a row.


In Candy Crush Saga level 135 you need to collect the orders and score 10,000 points.

The orders that you need to collect are 5 color bombs and you have 50 moves. The board is a little oddly shaped at the bottom and has a square of chocolate in each corner. The shape of the board makes this difficult to remove.

As the chocolate is so difficult to remove on level 135, it is probably best not to concentrate too hard on it. If you start with moves that will remove it, then do so, but otherwise concentrate on making the color bombs. Keep an eye on the chocolate though and remove some of it every five moves or so to prevent it from taking over the board.

In level 135 other special candies are not useful to you. Color bombs are the only ones that you need. However, if you combine a color bomb with another special candy, this counts as one of your order but will also help to clear a lot of chocolate. When you do get a color bomb, set it off straight away, so that chocolate does not grow over it. Choose the colour that you match it with carefully, as removing the right color could mean that you will have another opportunity to make a color bomb.

It could be useful to select a color bomb booster at the beginning of the game. During play the sweet tooth could be useful to get rid of chocolate and possibly the switching tool if you have only one color bomb left to get and are close to making it.


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