Candy Crush Level 136 Cheats and Tips


Once you’ve crushed through the meringues on this level, you should have a lot of opportunities to make striped and even wrapped candy. Move the special candy around the board the same way you would move an ingredient, just be careful not to detonate it.

The hardest order to get is the wrapped + wrapped, which is a more complicated pattern than a match-5 for a colour bomb, and also requires you don’t detonate your wrapped candy before you’ve made a match. Make your moves mostly at the bottom, and the candies up top should start to give you an opportunity to fulfill the objectives of this level

• In this order level you need to collect a wrapped + a wrapped candy, a stripped + a stripped candy, and two color bombs.
• First you need to crush through meringues.
• Once you clear some of those you will have a better opportunity to make stripped and wrapped candies.
• Make your moves towards the bottom and candy should just fall creating a cascading effect and creating you special candies.
• Think before you move and be careful not to detonate the candy before completing the order.


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