Candy Crush Level 137 Cheats and Tips


You only have 18 moves to bring the two ingredients down on this level. Familiarizing yourself with how the teleporters move the candy around the board is the first task: the blue teleporters at the top move to the purple teleporter on the top right, then the candy falls through the blue teleporter on the bottom right to the purple teleporter at the bottom, then the candy falls through the bottom teleporter to the final grid on the far left leaving you clear to drop the ingredients out.

Matches in the far left are the most effective, as they move the candy down through all the grids, failing that, make matches on the bottom. You’ll soon see a cascade effect, and your ingredients will fall down through the segments and into freedom!

• In this level you need to bring down the ingredients.
• You need to know how the teleporters work in this level.
• The blue teleporter at the top moves to the purple teleporter on the bottom right.
• Then the purple teleporter falls to the blue teleporter at the bottom then the final teleporters.
• It’s really confusing, I know.
• Matches in the far left will be the most effective to take out.
• Makes matches also at the bottom this will cause a cascading effect allowing the ingredients to move quicker.


Candy Crush level 137 is located in the Wafer Wharf episode of Candy Crush Saga. To beat level 137 you must bring down 1 cherry and 1 hazelnut and score at least 20,000 points. The tricky part about this level is that the board is shape weird and there are a lot of wholes in it which make it difficult to bring the ingredients down. It also makes it difficult because there are worm holes that will move the ingredients around to weird places.

In order to bring the ingredients down, you have to be good at moving the ingredients throughout the board. The key is to try and play on the left side (where the green arrows are and where the ingredients need to go) and just keep trying to make combos on the left and all the ingredients will fall to that area.

On level 137 you must be very careful when moving around candies and ingredients. There are a few places where you can get ingredients stuck and will NEVER be able to get them out.

You can also use special candies to move the ingredients to the bottom. If you can use a special candy it will work through the worm holes and can actually bring the ingredients down faster. I know its very tough to do on this level because of the wholes in the board. This is a tricky level and it will take a while to get passed it but keep at it. For a video on how to beat level 137, check below.


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