Candy Crush Level 139 Cheats and Tips


There’s a ton of chocolate on this timed level – make most of your moves around the chocolate area, to stop it from taking over, and try to mix a striped and wrapped candy to take it out. If you get a shuffle with ‘no more moves’ it may actually help your case, just keep making quick, small movements and the bigger combos should start to fall into place.

The more chocolate you crush, the bigger points you score, so think quick and keep working at it!

• This is a timed level.
• In this level you need to score 15,000 points in 120 seconds.
• This level has lots of chocolate in it.
• Make your moves near the chocolate so it doesn’t take over the whole board.
• Make stripped and wrapped candies to help you clear through the chocolate and help you rack up points.
• Think fast to score lots of points before time runs out.


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