Candy Crush Level 140 Cheats and Tips


Set in the Wafer Wharf, level 140 looks like a wide open playing field initially… but what good is a wide open playing field when it’s full of colours that you don’t need? It’s a wide open board, with nothing in your way at all, but they’re asking for a very tall order. Try to clear the board of the colours of the candy that you don’t need – use them to make special candy whenever you get a chance. The more of the ‘wrong colour’ you crush, the more of the right colour will come, and then you’ll have the opportunity to make specials and other big combos with the colours you actually do need!

And focus on those combos: this level is impossible to complete unless you make combos with the colours you need. Holding out for a colour bomb is ideal, of course, try to combine it with another special candy. Don’t waste time trying to make weak combos like the giant striped candy as it won’t really help you out much this level.

• In this order level you need to collect 99 red, orange, and yellow candies.
• The good thing about this level is that you will not have any chocolate, meringues, jelly, or candy bombs in your way.
• You have an open board filled with the most abundant colors that you do not need to fill the large order.
• Start by looking at the board and seeing if there are any moves you can make with the colors you need.
• After that start clearing out some of the other colors and creating stripped, wrapped, and color bombs to help you.
• The quicker you get more red, yellow, and orange candies the better.
• Don’t waste your moves and think before you move a candy.


Candy Crush Level 140 is one of the hardest levels in the game. About 15% of people stop playing the game because of this level… Well, we are here to help! To beat this level you must Collect 99 red candies, 99 orange candies, and 99 yellow candies. You must also score at least 30,000 points. The reason level 140 is so hard is because you have to do all that in only 45 moves.

Candy Crush level 140 has a specific strategy that you can follow to more easily beat this level. To beat this level, you are going to have to get a color bomb and mix it with the colors you need to collect. You may not need to do it on all of them, but if you can mix a color bomb with a striped candy of either red, orange, or yellow, it will make this level so much easier. Collecting 297 candies in 45 moves is impossible if you just crush 3 candies at a time. You must mix special candies with other special candies to create the most collections of candies.

You also want to make sure you keep an eye on the left too see where you are at with your collections. You want to try and keep them pretty even most of the time. If you have more reds to collect then the other two, then try and crush some reds. If you focus on only 1 color to collect, you will end up with a bunch of the other two that arent collected. For an example of how to beat level 140, check out the video below.


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