Candy Crush Level 141 Cheats and Tips


Welcome to 3-hit meringues! You start with a narrow play area, which makes this level a gentle balancing act between getting the candies you require (which are the candies you didn’t require in the previous level), and hitting the meringues enough time to make the room to make combinations.

Spend the first 10 moves or so clearing out the meringues, then focus more on getting the candies, and the meringues will be destroyed in the course of the game the way they usually are.

• In this order level you need to collect 30 blue, green, and purple candies.
• In this level you are introduced to the meringues that you need to hit 3 times to destroy.
• Remember to look at the candies presented on the board first.
• Try to make candy combinations with the color that are there and that you need.
• Along the way clear meringues and you will successfully get all the color candies you need and also with a lot of move left.
• When in doubt make combo candies.


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