Candy Crush Level 142 Cheats and Tips


This level is disproportionately reliant on luck of the draw. Sometimes you’ll make a hole in the meringues in a couple of moves, sometimes you won’t get anywhere. And the meringues are really getting in the way on this level – don’t worry about getting rid of all of them – that would be close to impossible – just focus on making yourself an opening in the layers. Once the candy drops through, you’ll be able to work on crushing the meringues from the top and from the bottom to get your ingredients through.

Wrapped + striped combos are the way to go to beat this level of the game. You’ll probably make a colour bomb at some point, but they’re not actually too useful on their own on this level: save it until you can mix it with a wrapped candy, or wait until the bottom is filled out with candy. One neat trick to look out for: if you have your candy in a mountain formation, and drop an ingredient through a new hole, it will just ‘roll’ down the mountain of candy and off the screen.

• In this level you need to bring the ingredients down to the bottom.
• Pick a side to start destroying.
• You should pick the side the first ingredient is on.
• Start by clearing a open path for the ingredient to fall.
• Once you have the opening clear it will allow for more moves to be made to get rid of other meringues and to bring down other ingredients.
• Think before you move and don’t waste your moves.


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