Candy Crush Level 143 Cheats and Tips

You only have 15 moves until the bomb explodes, so plan carefully! In an ideal world, you’d make a striped candy to take care of the bomb, but that takes a whole lot of luck. You’ll probably run out of moves and get a reshuffle at some point, so see what that throws you.

With the bomb out of the way, work into the meringues that you need to crush. Try to find a move that will take one hit off at least one meringue every move. As the board opens up, you’ll get more opportunities for combos and specials- aim carefully and take out any tough spots with each special candy, and this level shouldn’t prove too difficult.

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• You really need to clear the candy bomb first.
• It’s very difficult to clear it so try to make as many moves as you can near it.
• A stripped candy would not be able to get through all the meringue in enough moves.
• When you get the bomb out of the way work on clearing the meringue and the jelly underneath it.
• Try to clear at least one meringue every move to complete the level.
• Make combo candies and do not waste your moves.



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