Candy Crush Level 144 Cheats and Tips

Crushing through the meringues in the 3rd and 7th column to diffuse the initial bombs is the hardest part of this level. Look for matches at the very start of the game in the bomb columns, if you can’t find any, try to make horizontal striped candy to hit the row the bombs are stuck in. Of course, a vertical candy in the bomb column is ideal, but it’s not likely to happen.

After that, just focus on ridding each and every bomb as it appears and your points will add up. Keep your special candy and any colour bombs you may have made until you need it to get a bomb that you couldn’t quite reach. And note, if a candy time bomb reaches zero on your final move, you won’t pass the level.

• In this level you need to score 75,000 points to complete it.
• First look for matches you can make to defuse the candy bombs.
• If you do not see any try to make horizontal stripped candies to clear the candy bombs.
• Clear all the bombs because they will give you 3,000 points per bomb.
• After you do that you know to make combo candies because that’s what really will get you a lot of points.
• Don’t waste your moves and think before you move.



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