Candy Crush Level 146 Cheats and Tips

You’ll be limited with the first three or so moves you can make, so just take what it gives you – hopefully you can get to work on that striped candy objective straight away.

As you crush through the meringues (they’re only one-hit) and free up the locked in candies you’ll get cascades of colours that you don’t need – again, use these to make your striped, and combine them with wrapped or colour bomb if you can, and the colours you do need will start to come down.

Spend your last few moves focusing on making the final orders, butif they seem out of reach, a move at the bottom can set off a cascade that brings them into place.

• In this order level you need to collect 99 orange and purple candies and 13 striped candies.
• Focus on opening up the board first.
• You can only make about two moves when you start the game so this will help you start clearing meringues for more candy to fall.
• As you’re clearing meringues and collecting candy that you need, don’t forget about the 13 stripped candies you need to collect.
• Also make combo candies to help clear the board and grab those candies you still need for your order.
• Don’t waste your moves.



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