Candy Crush Level 147 Cheats and Tips


Another hall of shame level, and a strategy with a beginning, a middle and an end.

First, the fall down – this can leave you with the middle wall entirely destroyed (hurray!), a colour bomb lined up (hurray!), or a wrapped or striped candy (hurray!). It can also leave you with sweet nada. If you’re using the iPhone date and time trick, shuffle the board away until you get a good starting position, otherwise, you need to work with what you have.

If you don’t have many moves available to make (which is the most likely outcome given the board), and find yourself restricted to making moves up the top of the board, and you have (for example) two possible moves you can make, try to go for the move that will force a reshuffle. This will get you back in the game at the bottom of the board quicker. Also study which columns bring down which candy from the top – this will be essential to stop the 10-move bombs. Got it? Then you’re ready to move to the middle strategy.

Now: the trick that will get you through the game (eventually). Once you’ve cleared most of the middle column of meringues, work exclusively on one side of the board at the bottom first. Making vertical match threes against the meringue column and horizontal match threes down the bottom row of meringues can be more effective than making a striped candy to start with (at least until the meringues are down to one or two hits). Swipe out the bombs when you can, but other than that, do no other work than small matches on one side at the bottom of the board, the exception being if a colour bomb opportunity comes up on the opposite side.


Remarkably, you can get through this level without any wrapped or colour bombs or combos (other than giant striped candy) using this strategy. Of course, there will be times when you run out of moves and need to swap sides: in that case swap entirely, and make all the moves you can on the opposite side to the side you were working on. Don’t flit between the two.

Once you’ve obliterated one side of the board, then look at what remains to be cleared. This is where you can focus on combos and special candies, but the trick is not to obsess over them. Don’t waste moves trying to bring a striped & colour bomb together if you can be crushing away at the remaining jelly. In fact, save your colour bombs in case any timed candy bombs threaten to detonate on you.

It’s a counter intuitive strategy to a tough level, and even with strategy it can take a while to crack, but it should take you hours instead of months this way!

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• The first thing that will happen in this level is the candy will come cascading down.
• Which means it could leave you a completely empty board with only a few jellies left to unlock.
• Other times it will give you combo candies right off the back and others nothing will happen.
• If you can’t make any moves at the bottom try to make some stripped candies above to help clear the bottom.
• The board will hopefully reshuffle your candy soon and you can begin working at the bottom again.
• Focus on one side first; get as much as you can clear before moving to the other side.
• Make combo candies to help you clear the board faster and to open up those meringues.
• There is a way to complete this level without any stripped or wrapped candies but you need to think before you move and where it will affect what you’re playing.

In Candy crush saga level 147 it is necessary to clear the jelly and reach 125,000 points.

The board is rather awkward in this level as it has some gaps in it making it harder to make matches. Most of the board has double layers of jelly and it has double-layered meringue as well in places. The most tricky part, though is that bombs randomly drop from the top when new candies come in to the board. This means that you have to concentrate on those as well.


While playing level 147, you need to check the top of the board after every move for any bombs that appear. They are difficult to match at the top of the board, due to its shape and so you need to make matches below so that they drop down where you can more easily remove them. You also need to think about removing the meringue and jelly at the same time. The bottom row the side columns and the middle column have this on top of double layered jelly. and the rest of the bottom of the board just has doubled layered jelly. The best way to remove meringue easily is to have a well-placed stripe that can remove a whole row or column or better still a wrapped and stripe combination that can remove a whole row or column, possibly both as well as a significant amount of jelly. Colour bomb and striped or wrapped combinations can also be very useful if you can make them.

Where you can, it is best to work low on the board in level 147 as matches low down can cause other matches to set off above and remove jelly. The bottom of the board is also more difficult because of the double-layered meringue.

Useful boosters for level 147 are the jelly fish and extra moves, but the bomb cooler could also be useful as well as the lollipop hammer if you are close to completing the board with not enough moves to succeed.

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