Candy Crush Level 148 Cheats and Tips


Focus on clearing a path through the meringues initially, just so you can make matches where you need to make matches. You’ll get the occaisional 10 move candy time bomb dropping by, attempting to ruin your game, but they’re not too frequent – deal with them as and when they appear.

Ingredients will appear immediately after you clear an ingredient in the same column, or after 15 moves, so if you have any special candy combo set up, it can be worth killing a few moves doing nothing much until your next ingredient appears. Doing that would allow the combo to affect both the ingredients on the screen, and hopefully bring down both new ingredients needed on the next move.

• In this level you need to bring all the ingredients down to the bottom.
• Clear a path for the ingredients first.
• There is a lot of meringues spread throughout the board and you need a few rows to work with to bring ingredients down.
• Clear the candy time bombs as they fall down.
• Vertical stripped candies will help you bring ingredients all the way to the bottom if the meringues are clear completely out of that row.


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