Candy Crush Level 149 Cheats and Tips

Your candy production is going to get stopped very early on by the chocolate. Make as many vertical striped candy as you can with what you have, then as the moves run out, it will either shuffle into place or you’ll hopefully find a match and penetrate a hole in the top. Keep working on that hole, and keep watching it – the candy production will only stop again if you don’t keep a space open!

Once you’re clear of the immediate danger, and the candies are cascading down, the orders will pretty much make themselves, except for the wrapped + wrapped, which you’ll have to work on. Make sure you don’t detonate any wrapped candy you make prematurely – often the flashing hints will point to that match, but ignore them. If you focus on getting the wrapped and wrapped together, the rest of the orders should come along as part of natural game play.

• In this order level you need to collect 1 wrapped candy + a wrapped candy, 10 stripped candies, and 99 blue candies.
• You need to keep the top hole open for candy to fall through it.
• Control the chocolate so it doesn’t block candy from coming in.
• Once you clear the chocolate it is easy to get the ingredients you need and to make combo candies with them.
• When making the wrapped candies make sure you do not detonate them before you get them both together.
• For the order to count you need to blow them up together.


In Candy Crush Saga level 149 you need to collect the orders and score 30,000 points.

You have just 35 moves to collect 10 striped candies, 1 wrapped and wrapped candy combination and 99 blue candies. The board has a layer of chocolate at the top with one gap in the middle and double layered meringue blockers below it. After your very first move the chocolate will grow to complete the top level, meaning that no new candies can drop down. This means that initially you will have to make vertical striped candies to clear the chocolate at the top. A striped and wrapped combination could also work well.

Once you have cleared half of the chocolate, you should start looking for opportunities to fulfill the orders as well as making sure the chocolate does not grow over the top again. The wrapped and wrapped candy combination is the hardest so look for all opportunities to make wrapped candies. The striped are easier and it could be harder getting the 99 blues.

A color bomb can be very useful on level 149. If you combine it with a stripe, you can fulfill that part of the order. If you combine with a blue you can get some candies towards that order, the best option would be a blue striped.

Starting with a wrapped and striped candy could help on level 149 too and using the sweet tooth in game booster could be helpful if the chocolate gets out of control. There is some luck as to whether you can open the top of the board at the beginning but it should only take a few tries to do it.



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