Candy Crush Level 150 Cheats and Tips


You want to know where the jelly is? I’ll tell you where the jelly is. See that impenetrable block of 10 licorice blockers surrounded by the two columns of super-tough meringues? Yep, the jelly is under there. Guess it’s not quite so impenetrable after all!

Clearing the sides of the meringues isn’t enough – the jelly squares will only fill up completely when you clear meringues at the top as well. Pick one side to work your way in from, and also work on making vertical striped candy down the bottom to make a hole in the top of the board, and to get more candy variations cascading down the sides. As you start to clear meringues there will be more opportunities for combos, which in turn will help you clear more meringues. So: one side, vertical candy at the bottom and if you can match a colour bomb with a striped, you’re pretty much sorted. Got it? Good. Good luck!

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• The jelly is not hiding underneath the meringues.
• The jelly is under the licorice swirls, which means you do not need to clear all the meringues.
• If you clear them all you will be wasting moves and time.
• Pick one side to start making your way to the licorice.
• Once you clear a little opening it should be easy to clear the jelly.
• Also make stripped candied when you have an opening open.
• This will obviously clear jelly faster.


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