Candy Crush Level 151 Cheats and Tips


Just 90 seconds to get 35,000 points – it goes without saying, you’re going to need some huge combos to get there. But, the game board is limited until you crush through the meringues – as usual, work on the bottom first, then move you play to the top once you’ve exhausted your possibilities down there. It’s likely you’ll run out of moves until you’ve made a hole in the meringues – don’t worry, any reshuffle is good.

If you get a colour bomb, save it until you can mix it with a striped candy, to rack those points up. And keep a look out for the +5s, they may just save your game!

• In this level you need to get 35,000 points in a limited 90 seconds.
• The easy part is getting the points once you have cleared the meringues.
• Start from the bottom and work your way up.
• This will clear meringues while you rack up points.
• Remember this is a point challenge so any kind of combos, stripped,and wrapped candies you can make; do it.
• If you happen to get a color bomb in this level save it until you can mix it with a stripped candy.
• Also look for the 5+ to help you save time during the game!


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