Candy Crush Level 153 Cheats and Tips

Spend the majority of your moves at the beginning breaking the meringue barrier that prevents you from filling out the spaces at the bottom.

The most effective place to make your colour bombs is in the narrow part of the middle column, halfway down the board. Get two matching candies above and below a non-matching candy and swap in the missing candy from the side.

Be careful to use up striped candies when you’ve made them to get them out of the way and prevent them from detonating your colour bombs.

• In this order level you need to collect one color bomb + a color bomb.
• Start by breaking the meringues that blocks the other half of the board.
• When broken the candy will create a cascading effect down to the bottom half.
• If you’re lucky the board will create the first color bomb for you.
• Use stripe candies when you make them to clear meringues at the bottom and to make sure they won’t destroy your color bomb later in the game.


Candy Crush level 153 is located in the Gingerbread Glade episode of Candy Crush Saga. This level can be beaten by creating a color bomb/color bomb combo and scoring at least 10,000 points. When this level begins the candies are at the top held up by 3 layer meringues. The trick is to clear these meringues so the candies move down and you have room to create color bombs.

When you first start the level try and only make moves that will clear the meringue. You want to get these crushed as soon as possible so you have more moves to try and create the bombs. Once you clear the top meringue the candy will drop and you can start try to create color bombs. A good way to create a color bomb is to look for 2 sets of 2 candies in the same line and if its horizontal, move the candies in the middle of it until you get a match. If its vertical, move the candies beside it until you have one in the middle of the set of two candies. As for combining them… well that will require a little luck. You will not beat level 153 on the time (although its possible) so keep at it.

Another great tip for this level is if you use the Daily Booster Wheel, you probably will have got or will get a color bomb. This would be great to use on this level because you have 1 more color bomb out there you could possibly use to make the combo that will beat level 153. For a video on how to beat this level, check below.


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