Candy Crush Level 154 Cheats and Tips


The chocolate pieces at the bottom are covering up 3 squares of double-jelly you need to clear to get through this level of the game. You’re not going to have many moves to choose from to start with – try to break down through the meringue on either side if you can, so you get some candy pieces to crush the meringue down the bottom with, focus equally on both sides of the board and you’ll hopefully make some more room for combos.

The chocolate doesn’t start to spread until you’ve managed to get candy down to the bottom, but if you’ve made yourself space on either side of the board, you should get some opportunities to make colour bombs and other special candy to clear it up. Reaching those jelly coated pieces at the bottom can be difficult – again, use a colour bomb or striped or wrapped candy in the right place to get to it.

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• There are 3 layer jellies underneath the chocolate.
• Try to get through the meringues before the chocolate takes over the bottom half of the board.
• The only way to clear everything will be to make combo candies to clear the chocolate and jelly hiding underneath.
• You should have opportunities to make color bombs when all the meringues are cleared.


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