Candy Crush Level 158 Cheats and Tips

One ingredient sounds like child’s play – but of course, nothing is ever going to be that easy. Getting the ingredient through the left side is easy, but then you face chocolate fountains and 2 licorice X-locked pieces that prevent you from freeing your ingredient on the right hand side.

Start this level by looking for opportunities to make matches on the right, and unlock the candies if you can. Then make as many horizontal striped candies as possible in the left to work your ingredient down the board. Striped + wrapped works well on this level, as does matching a colour bomb with any striped or wrapped candy.

• In this level you need to bring all the ingredients down to the bottom.
• The easy part is getting the ingredients down to the bottom of the left side.
• You need to start off by just making moves on the right side to control the chocolate and getting those licorice boxes open.
• Horizontal and vertical stripped candies will help you clear a lot of chocolate and licorice in this level.
• After you clear the right side it should be simple to bring the ingredient down.


Candy Crush Level 158 is located in the Pastille Pyramid of Candy Crush Saga. Level 158 is rated as ‘Very Hard’ and has been rated as one of the hardest levels of Candy Crush. To beat this level you will need to bring down only 1 ingredient and score at least 10,000 points. Now, bringing down only 1 ingredient sounds pretty easy but its actually not. There are a few blockers in this level that make it quite difficult. Level 158 features locked candies as well as the dreaded chocolate spawner.

The first thing you want to do is get the 2 locked candies on the left destroyed. You will not be able to move anything without destroying these. A nice little trick to know and use on this level is the candy crush reshuffle trick. You can keep reshuffling until there is a combo to unlock one of the locked candies on the first move. This will make this level much easier for you. Once you have both of these candies unlocked you can start bringing down the ingredient by trying to play from the right side as much as possible. If you are stuck with no moves on the right, then you can try and create some stripped candies on the left which you will use to either create a horizontally stripped candy to destroy the candies on the right or a vertically stripped candy to save and use when both the stripped candy and the ingredient are on the left. This way, the ingredient will be swept to the bottom and you will win the level.

You will not beat this level on the first time. It will take some time to get somewhat lucky to get the cherry or hazelnut to the bottom. Just keep after it and you will beat level 158 in no time. To see how its done in action ,check out the video below.


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