Candy Crush Level 159 Cheats and Tips

The chocolate is going to block up the supply of candy unless you make some striped candy to clear it up, or work up the top of the board by the chocolate fountains. Unlike other timed levels where making fast small matches can get you through, take your time here and look for the match-4s. Grab +5s when you can, of course, but have an attack ready for when the chocolate clogs up the works.

You’re never going to get the chocolate completely under control, because of the fans, but spend more time working up the top than down the bottom, and keep the candy coming down, and you will get past that score. Any combinations here will give you a boost, or if you still have one of those free Bubblegum Troll boosters from earlier, you can always use it here if you’re running out of patience.

• This is a timed level.
• You need to score 20,000 points in 120 seconds.
• There is a blockade of chocolate at the top of the screen.
• To get more candies down on the board you need to clear an opening for candy to fall.
• You will need to maintain clearing it back and forth because the chocolate will just clear it back up again.
• You need to make stripped and wrapped candies to score the points in this level.
• You will waste your time with small matches so go for the big ones.


In Candy Crush Saga level you need to reach 20,000 points in 120 seconds to win the level.

At the top of the board on level 159 are four chocolate spawners. You need to keep a close eye on these as chocolate could potentially grow over the top of the board and block any new candies from falling down. However, you also need to work quickly and do moves that score high points. Using special candies will score more, but these will be activated when your time runs out so concentrate more on making them than activating them. Keep looking out for candies with +5 on them as these will give you five extra seconds to complete the level which could make a huge difference. Do your best to match them in order to claim the extra time. Speed is key here so be free of distractions and just keep making matches as quickly as you can. Scan your eyes for extra time candies, watching the chocolate and opportunities to make special moves but do not spend too long doing it, just match matches as quickly as you can.

You have the option of starting level 159 with a 15 second time booster which could help as well as a striped and wrapped candy and a color bomb. The special candies could help with getting a higher score. The sweet tooth could be useful at removing chocolate if it gets too much and the bubble gum troll even more so as it will block the chocolate spawners for a few moves.


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