Candy Crush Level 161 Cheats and Tips


Look for matches on the sides and at the bottoms first, these will be more effective than working from the top downwards. The licorice locked candy doesn’t necessarily need to be removed, although it will help to get more candies down. You’re contending with 3 chocolate fountains which have double jelly around them. Once you are able to make matches by the fountains, play your game around them, and keep track of which chocolate pieces are covering up jelly.

The hardest pieces of jelly to move are on the far left and right above and below the chocolate fountains. A wrapped candy will help you to take these out, as will any special combo in the right place

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• Look for matches on the bottom and on the sides.
• This will help you start clearing where the jelly already is.
• If you need more candies start clearing some licorice until you see moves that you can make on the jelly.
• Make combo candies to help clear the jelly under the chocolate fountains.


In Candy Crush Saga level 161 you need to clear the jelly and score 55,000 points.

Level 161 has three chocolate spawners which are each surrounded by eight double jellies. There are also 19 candies locked in licorice surrounding the jellies. You have 45 moves.

Start off by releasing as many locked candies as you can. If you see several matches where you can do this, do the ones higher on the board first and then the lower ones will remain there. Do not worry too much about the chocolate as you will tend to clear it as you concentrate on clearing the jellies anyway. Work at the bottom of the board as this should help to make matches at the top that will clear jellies for you. Special candies are difficult to get so keep an eye out for opportunities to make them. Wrapped candies are particularly good at exploding large areas of chocolate and jelly. A color bomb with a wrapped or striped could potentially clear a lot of jelly too. The very best combination to make would be a wrapped and striped candy at the bottom middle of the board.

You may find that starting with a wrapped and striped candy could be useful as could extra moves as you do not get many on level 161. Jelly fish could be useful as well. During play you may find a lollipop hammer to remove the last few jellies or a sweet tooth or bubble gum troll to eat away the chocolate.


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