Candy Crush Level 162 Cheats and Tips


Once you’ve made your striped candies, try to drop them down to the bottom. Because the middle of the board is blocked off, space is limited, and you’re more likely to make a wrapped candy at the bottom of the screen to match it with a striped than you are at the top.

The chocolate can become a pain on this level, not least because the chocolate fountains are right in your way. Keep it under control as best as you can, although be prepared to let it take over one side of the board whilst you focus on making special candy if you’re having difficulties getting the combos you need.

• In this order level you need to collect 10 stripped candies and 3 wrapped candies.
• Make all your stripped candies fist that way you can control the chocolate every time you set them off.
• Control the chocolate before it takes over the whole board.
• Fill the orders that you need then set them off to control the chocolate.
• Think before you move.


In Candy Crush Saga level 162 you need to collect the orders and score 30,000 points.

The orders required to complete level 162 are 10 striped and 3 wrapped candies. The board has four chocolate spawners as well as some gaps in it, to make this quite difficult in the allotted 40 moves.

The wrapped candies are very much more difficult to make and so it is wise to concentrate on these. It is worth remembering that some matches that could make striped candies, could also make wrapped ones or may make wrapped ones after several moves. Therefore do not always make the striped candy matches unless you are sure that they will not be able to make a wrapped.

At the start of each move, check for the possibility of making wrapped or striped candies or moves that you can do to make an opportunity in a few moves time. If there are none then it can be worth destroying some chocolate. It can be worth working at the bottom of the board as there may be some special candies formed at the top from matches that are made automatically.

You can start the game with a striped and wrapped candy which could help. You can also start with a lucky candy but this is a risk as it may turn into a stripe, when the wrapped would be more useful. The switching tool could be useful to make good matches, as could the sweet tooth or bubble gum troll if the chocolate gets out of control.


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