Candy Crush Level 165 Cheats and Tips


The 7 move time bombs that drop in throughout this game are a nuisance. Focus on clearing them as soon as you can, and also work on clearing the centre of chocolate to give yourelf room to get the orders that are required for this level. Sometime the chocolate can help you out here, and swallow up the bombs, but don’t count on it.

And, yes, you’re going to need a lot of blue! You’ll probably fill the other orders without even realising, but the blue is in limited supply. So: think blue, clear blue. Colour bomb blue, save your colour bombs until you have a lot of blue on the board or until you can combine it with a striped candy (preferably… a blue one, did you guess it?).

Keep on top of the bombs, keep the chocolate under control so you get more candy on the board, and did we mention, clear the blues? The more blue you clear, the more blue should come. Also special candy combinations can trigger more blue to appear on the grid, hit it right, and you’ll get a cascade of blue goodness. Use the other colours to make special candy if you can, and put them to good use.

Take a look at our video play through of Candy Crush Saga level 165, and find some blue inspiration right here.

• In this order level you need to collect 99 blue, 49 yellow, and 24 green candies.
• In this level you have chocolate fountains and candy bombs to worry about.
• Clear the candy bombs as fast as you can.
• They will just be a pain if you don’t clear them fast enough.
• Start working on clearing the chocolate in the middle.
• This will help unlock more candies so you can fill the order.
• Focus on clearing blue candies they are what you need more off.
• If you get a color bomb match it with a blue candy.


Candy Crush level 165 is located in the Pastille Pyramid episode of Candy Crush Saga. This is a collection level and is a very hard level as well. To beat this level you must collect 49 yellow candies, 99 blue candies, and 25 green candies. You must also score 50,000 points to move on to the next level. There are many blockers on this level which is what makes this level so difficult. You have 4 chocolate fountains in the 4 corners of the board spitting out chocolate and you also have timed candy bombs that start with 7 moves on them.

The trick to level 165 is to keep the chocolate under control but only by using the colors you need to collect. Since you need to collect 99 blue candies, you should try and use blue candy combos more than the other two. The trick is keeping an eye on your orders and make sure you are giving attention to the color that needs it most. You will also notice that a lot of special candies show up in this level. Be sure and save these to use bigger better combos. A great combo is the color bomb with a blue striped candy. If you can get this you will cut the blue candy orders in half. This is a good tip for any level like this. When you are collecting candies the color bomb with a striped candy of whatever color is going to clear the most orders possible. Once you get most of the chocolate cleared (even though it keeps coming) watch for combos but be careful because the chocolate loves to eat up special candies so use them as swiftly as possible but make a good move.

Your first instinct is to clear the chocolates but the problem is that’s not always the best move or you are using colors that you aren’t even suppose to be collecting. Make sure to take your time (I know its hard with chocolates on the board) and check over the entire board to make sure you are making the best move possible. For a video on how to beat level 165, view below.


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