Candy Crush Level 167 Cheats and Tips

The meringues are covering up the jelly, and once you’ve set off the chocolate fountain, the chocolate will start to cover the candy and the jelly!

Wrapped + striped combos are good here, as are any colour bomb combos. The best plan of attack is to take out one side as much as you can, then let the chocolate spread over there whilst you work on the other side. Keep close track of any jelly you didn’t manage to clear on the other side, then fight your way back in to clear it in your final moves.

A tough, sticky level. Just play the best you can.

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• The meringues are covering up a single layer of jelly and in the center there is double jelly.
• As soon as you clear a path to the chocolate fountains they will start spitting out chocolate.
• Take out one side the best you can then start making combos to take out the other side.
• If you forgot a jelly start working your way back quickly to get through the chocolate.


Candy Crush level 167 is located in the Pastille Pyramid episode of Candy Crush Saga. To beat this level, you must clear 65 jelly squares and also score 80,000 points. This level features the dreaded Chocolate fountain and the Two-layer meringue. The chocolate fountains are in each of the 4 corners, surrounded by the two-layered meringue. There are jelly squares underneath the meringue which makes them difficult to get to.

For this level, you want to start in the middle of the board. Try and clear as much as you can in the middle while you don’t have to worry about the chocolate fountains. The meringue will keep the chocolates from coming until you unblock the fountain from the meringue. Once you have cleared most or all of the jelly in the middle, you can start working through the meringues trying to keep the 3 meringues around the chocolate fountains so it holds the chocolate as long as possible. Work the other meringue until you have to start crushing the meringues around the chocolate fountains.

If you stick to this strategy for level 167, you should be able to work at it better and beat the level. For a video on how to beat level 167, view below.


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