Candy Crush Level 169 Cheats and Tips

The meringues are guarding the chocolate fountains here, but chocolate shouldn’t get in your way too much, as it’s a narrow grid. The matches you make whilst trying to get your combos should keep the chocolate trimmed back enough for you not to worry about it, and removing the meringues gives you more chances to make the combos you need.

Striped and striped should be easy enough – if you have a striped and striped match, but there’s a wrapped candy or colour bomb on the screen and you can see how to move them together, go for the tougher matches first. Simply focusing on making the combos you need should be the strategy for this level. You will get there, eventually!

• In this order level you need to collect a stripped candy + a stripped candy, one stripped + one wrapped, and 1 color bomb + a stripped.
• Try to make the combos without clearing the meringue first.
• If you can’t seem to make them start by clearing the meringue wall.
• This should help unlock candies to help make combos you need to fill orders.
• Make sure you control the chocolate once you clear the meringue wall because chocolate will start coming out.


To complete Candy Crush Saga level 169 you will need to collect the orders and reach a score of 45,000 points. The combinations that you need are a striped and wrapped candy, striped and striped and striped and colour bomb. You have 35 moves.

This game board has a column of chocolate spawners on each end of the board. These start by being blocked in by double layered meringue. Avoiding remove the blockers could seem like a sensible idea, but with them in place, the game board is smaller reducing the chances of being able to make special candies.

The chocolate can become a problem on level 169, especially if it grows across the top of the board and stops new candies from coming down. It is also not ‘kind’ and so will happily grow over special candies, unlike in some other levels when it avoids growing over them. It can also be a big distraction as it is tempting to keep removing it rather than concentrating on making the required combinations. Try to get the balance right and let it grow for a few moves before removing some.

You need to be aware that colour bombs are the hardest special candies to make closely followed by wrapped candies. The striped ones are very easy. This means that you should concentrate on making the colour bombs and wrapped candy combinations before thinking about the striped ones. If you leave the potential striped combinations there, they may be able to make you wrapped and colour bombs in the future.

The most useful boosters to start with in level 169 are starting with a colour bomb and/or wrapped and stripe combination. The switch tool could be handy and extra moves may be good too.


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