Candy Crush Level 172 Cheats and Tips


You only have 10 moves, so you need to create a vertical striped candy in the middle column to kill the bomb, then another one to take out the jelly. Luckily there are only 4 colours to work with: forget about clearing the meringues and go for making the 2 striped candies you need.

The other bombs that come down into play won’t be much of a threat as your moves are running lower. Remember you can uses bombs like normal candy to make the striped candies that you need to clear this level of the game.

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• The jelly is underneath the candy bomb in the bottom middle of the board.
• You will need to make a vertical stripped candy to take out the candy bomb.
• Then you will need to make another vertical stripped candy to clear that jelly square.
• Do not worry about clearing the meringue.
• That’s only there to distract you.
• Just clear the candy bombs and the one jelly.


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