Candy Crush Level 173 Cheats and Tips


The 20 move bombs sandwiched between the 4-hit meringues aren’t doing you any favors on this level! You need a striped candy to take care of it… oh, who am I kidding? You need to get 30 striped candies anyway! In fact, you can crush your way through the meringue and free the bomb into play within 20 moves, without any stripes, but a striped is quicker and it takes care of one of your objectives.

Your priority is to clear the middle 3 rows of meringues to make the space to make the striped candies you need, but make a striped candy whenever the opportunity presents itself even when you’re working on this.

And how do you get 30 striped candies? You could do it the manual way, and focus on making as many striped candies as you can throughout the game, or you could be clever and just work on mixing a colour bomb and a striped candy together. You definitely have enough moves to do it in, so give it a go!

• In this order level you need to collect 30 stripped candies.
• There are two candy bombs in this level that need to be deactivated in 20 moves.
• Start by making stripped candies because you need 30 of them so you’re bound to hit the candy bomb with the stripped candy eventually.
• You will need to clear some of the meringue so you can have more room and candies to make stripped ones from.
• Take your time and don’t wait till the last move to destroy the candy bomb.
• When you see it has five moves left, clear it immediately.


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