Candy Crush Level 174 Cheats and Tips

The 20 move bombs at the top of the center columns are your Nemesis on this level. They don’t seem like a threat, after all, you only have 20 moves anyway, but you still need to focus on crushing through the meringues to get to them because they have jelly underneath that needs to be cleared.

Crush your way through the thin layer of meringues on the bottom to fill out the board with candy, then work on combos down the bottom to hit the jelly pieces at the top. The rest of the candy should hopefully clear up whilst you’re working on the combos.

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• Even though the bombs aren’t going to explode on you they still need to be cleared because there is jelly underneath that needs to be cleared.
• Start by clearing the meringue near the bottom to have candy fall down to the bottom.
• This will help you get more candies to make vertical stripped candies to get rid of the candy bombs.
• Try also making big combos like color bombs to help you.



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