Candy Crush Level 175 Cheats and Tips

The meringues and licorice swirls are going to cause you all sorts of headaches on this level. The meringues are all 4-layered, and the pattern makes it hard to get a path for your ingredients. There is a little loophole though: if you clear candies that are gridlocked inside the meringues, the ingredients will slip through the holes – so start by making some vertical striped candy to clear those locked in candies down the bottom, and get your ingredients moving whilst you’re crushing yourself a path.

If you’ve managed to clear a column, your second ingredient will appear when there are 25 moves left, so make a match in that clear column to bring the ingredient down into it. A few wrapped candies will come in useful for crushing the meringues, particularly if you can combine them with striped candy – by focuing your play as much as you can on one particular column, you can pass this level of the game.

• In this level you need to bring all the ingredients down to the bottom.
• You need to get the licorice out of the way of your ingredients.
• You need to make a clear path for the ingredients to travel.
• So anything that may block it you need to clear.
• Make stripped and wrapped candies to help you clear out meringues.
• Just try to clear as much as possible.


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