Candy Crush Level 176 Cheats and Tips


Start in the middle on this level and work your way outwards to create the space to make the colour bombs you need. As you’re working with all the colours in this level it makes it a lot more difficult to make the colour bombs. Look at which two colours have the most on the board and focus on clearing the other colours to give yourself more chance of making the 5-match combo you need.

Focus on clearing one type of candy – the more of the same candy you clear, the more will come down, giving you more chances to make colour bombs. Concentrate on the middle of the board to make more space for combos, then work your way to the sides.

• In this order level you need to collect 2 color bomb candies.
• Start clearing out the middle section.
• This will give you more room to make a 5-match move.
• Focus on clearing out one specific color and this will let more of the other colors drop down.
• Look for any possible color bomb matches you can make.
• Work from the bottom and this should create a cascade of candies.
• Plan your moves carefully.


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